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Sitting Tai Chi DVD

Sitting Tai Chi DVD


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What makes this different?

This ready-to-use DVD is amazingly simple and packed full of value. The gentle movements focus on deep breathing, relaxing and "no use of strength."

  • Deep breathing provides MORE OXYGEN. Your body CRAVES oxygen, and HEALS when it gets more.
  • "No use of strength" allows you to RELAX and build your immune system.
  • DVD is still the best way to put these SIMPLE, state of the art movements on the biggest screen in your house-- your TV.

Tommy and Melissa have created an easy to follow, incredibly powerful exercise DVD for you that mixes the benefits and gentleness of at-home chair exercises with the incredibly meditative and healing techniques of Tai Chi.

Now You Can Heal Your Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain and More at Home from the Comfort of Your Own Chair

Many clinical studies show that deep breathing coordinated with gentle, thorough, and proper mobilization of all the joints activate the body's optimal repair mode. Through Chair Sitting Tai Chi you will learn how to do this and so much more!

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Healing Exercise is the highest authority of clinically proven therapeutic/medicinal movement. Our gentle, Tai Chi-based physical programs have been refined over three decades. We can deliver these cultivated programs through inexpensive DVD media and live classes.

We can provide customizable product packaging, live programs, training and certification of instructors. We also provide expedient turn-around on high-volume DVD production through large industry partners.


Clinical studies show general benefits to over 110 health issues! The Healing Exercise Tai Chi chair movements can help with cancer, anxiety, allergies, aches and pain, digestion, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, sexual performance, improving your immune system, and so much more!

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